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Wood Filament Printing

Hi all,

Wanted to create this thread so that those of us interested in wood printing can chime in. 

I have been experimenting with wood filament and here are my observations so far:

1. Not so forgiving. :-) Once a mistake occurs, it will likely not repair or hide it. In fact, resumption of prints tend to worsen.

2. Smells like wood, grainy

3. Clogging hasn't been the issue I thought it would (fingers crossed)

4. Your plate needs to be sufficiently sticky!!! Can't emphasize this enough. I spray hair spray generously and wait for it to become milky, not clear. If clear, it is too dry. Milky indicates tacky. 

I have played with temp/flow % and come up with this decent starting point:

Temp: 178 (not a typo)

Flow%: 94

This is the draft setting modified. The filament tends to expand and it looks like it is spreading. Not necessarily anything to be concerned about, but just to let you know that it is typical.

I have attached two images. The test model on the left would have been near perfect if not for the inaccuracy that you see. Once the printhead made the initial mistake, it did not recover and affected nearby areas. I decided to let it go and, over all, it wasn't too terrible. I have observed that this mistake is made ONLY when I print from the center of the plate. The model on the right is much smoother, printed at the edge of the plate, BUT does there is some separation at the left-extending arm. Also slight misalignment, but I think that was caused by the spool bumping the printer at that point. No, really, as the spool was rotating, it made a single uneven, rocky rotation and that, I believe misaligned the print. Otherwise, the right one would have been very nice.  

I hope this helps some. I continue to tweak...


(103 KB)
(80.4 KB)

Okay. The following was printed in 16-minutes. Very nice quality per settings described in the initial post. This one was printed towards the edge, so no mistakes. I believe my build plate may be slightly warped towards the middle from pressing along the edges to place in printer. I will try larger model sizes to see if the settings are transferrable. 

Anyone know what that thin loop of filament is all about? I get this frequent with some prints. Nothing worrisome. Just curious. 

(92.2 KB)
(61.1 KB)

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Okay. Good news. Continued using settings described above and printed something a little more complex w/ nice results so far. Here is the tug boat model Polar3D provides at 50 min of 1.5 hour print according to printer vitals. I will come back with finished print and sand.

(78.1 KB)

After 1.5 hours. It now indicates that print will take 2 hours. :-) The filament seems to be holding. 


Finally. 2 hours 2 minutes. A little drooping at the front of the wheelhouse, but it recovered ok. Not bad. 

(1.5 MB)
(2.06 MB)
(2.04 MB)
(1.8 MB)
(1.95 MB)

Very nice.  Will you try to sand it?  Show us again if you clean it up.

Hi. Chris. I managed to do some sanding and it was as expected. It does produce smooth(er) results and responds well to sandpaper in general. Sanding is a definite recommendation for smoother, cleaner look. :-) I try to print at the lowest resolution allowed depending on the details of the model. I then sand enough to smooth away the layered look of the surface. I sanded what you see in a couple of minutes using FINE/150 grit size paper. 

Richard, I am curious what brand of filament you are using as I could not get Sainsmart wood filament to work with my printer.


I'm sorry to hear that the Sainsmart brand is not working for you. My coordinator purchased the wood filament from Polar3D. I specifically inquired, so they do sell it. I would imagine that the company does a thorough examination of the filaments it sells so that they are compatible/workable with the printer. I would recommend contacting Polar3D. Good luck!


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